Patience is a virtue!

With a royal wedding in our midst, 2011 is going to be all about everything regal!   How fabulous!  Better get into the spirit of things and purchase a tiara for my big day or maybe we should follow in the footsteps of the Beckham’s and get ourselves some thrones?!? Now that is an idea!

But on a more serious note its fantastic and I have to say it’s about time he got down on one knee (does a prince do this or is there a more regal way of proposing?) and finally made an honest woman out of Kate.

I already feel as if I have a connection with dear Kate, not only is she a bride to be and potentially getting married around the same time (I do hope there isn’t a clash!) but she has Yorkshire blood and also had to wait an age for Will’s to pop the question, something I can empathise with!  But I am sure she would agree, its seriously worth waiting for!

But if they are going to tie the knot next spring or summer they have some serious planning ahead.  Planning a wedding for us mere mortals can, at times, feel rather stressful, so can you imagine the preparation that’s involved for the their big day! I thought I had guest list issues!

But is fantastic news so congrats to William and Kate!



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