I am a wedding marketers dream

Some may think I was mad for getting up at the crack of dawn to head up to Birmingham this morning for the National Wedding Show.  Whilst most of London was tucked up in bed I was heading north, to the bridal mecca.  God created Sunday’s for worship, so I was just celebrating everything that was bridal.

This wasnt my first encounter with a wedding show so this time round I knew what I was letting myself in for.  I headed off feeling wiser and fully prepared.  I was armed and ready with a clear plan of attack, a to do list, THE wedding folder (aka the wedding bible)and most importantly comfortable shoes!

Whilst I knew what to expect, today’s show seemed to bring out a more advanced form of bridezillaitis.  Every stall seemed to be enticing me with something that our wedding needed.  Thank goodness I was escorted by my mum, if I had been left to my own devices you would not be have been able to move in the reception as it would have been filled to the brim with all sorts of wedding paraphernalia, or as my other half would put it “a waste of money”, such as a photobooth, the funky diva juke box, chocolate fountains, candelabra’s, personalised sweets and not to mention the drag queen, Cherry Darling.

The only stand that I didn’t need was the one providing confidence coaching, don’t think I will be needing that as I will be skipping down the aisle!



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