Wedding insurance?

I can understand insuring your home but doing the same for your wedding seems a bit mad to me, it’s like one step on from insuring your hamster.   Its hard not to escape the notion when leaflets trying to convince you to buy it are included in pretty much every wedding magazine.  So I have taken my bridezilla hat off to become a bit more sensible and reasonable when it comes to planning the serious stuff. 

I have had to put aside the flowers and bridesmaid dresses (the fun stuff) to read up on wedding insurance!  It all seems pretty straight forward and I can understand the reasoning behind getting it but for the insurance cover that I was looking at I liked the fact that the main exclusion is “the bride or groom deciding not to marry”, surely this would be the main reason for getting the insurance!!!  I wont be telling my other half this as he thought the insurance was a good idea but that’s probably because he thought he had a get out clause!  Then there’s cover for “ceremonial swords”.  I didn’t even realise you could take a sword into a church, its seems a tad dangerous to me!  Again I am going to be keeping this to myself otherwise I may find that he tries to recreate a scene from Gladiator. 


But the one thing that did make me chuckle is that this particular insurance cover includes “professional counselling”, I’m not sure this is the best way to start married life.  Although I am sure my family would think that this is a great idea and that I should sign up now to get some help with my wedding obsession 🙂


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