Managing wedding stress

Eight months still sounds like miles away but as any bride to be, or should I say Bridezilla, knows the stress seems to intensify a little each month. It may seem mad to hear this especially coming from a wedding fanatic like me, but planning for such a big day can become a little stressful at times. Even writing a simple invite sent me into a spin, I never realised there we so many ways to word your invites. Thank goodness for the wedding etiquette section on the Brides website.

I’m going to try and nip this wedding stress in the bud so here are my tips:

– watching Don’t tell the bride will always make you feel better, just think things really could be a lot worse. A willy wonka themed wedding, need I say more! 

 – indulge in a wedding mag or treat yourself to Vera Wang on Weddings, it’s a fantastic book for inspiration.

 – never leave home without your to do list, it should become part of your every day essentials. You never know when something crop into your head.

– talking it over with your bridesmaids will always help especially if wine is involved.

– but most of all always remember what it’s all about and that it’s your day (oh and your fiancés).



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