Don’t tell the bride – you must be nuts!!

Bridal tv is like the icing on a chocywocydoodah cake.  Mixing weddings and reality tv is a winning combination and last night’s Don’t tell the bride was no exception.  As much as I love the show I will never quite understand the brave (or mad) souls that put the wedding of their dreams into the hands of their Fiancé.  I hate to think what would happen if it was left to my other half, the groomsmen would probably be wearing Spurs shirts, the budget would be blown on some “awesome” cars and the reception, well it would probably resemble something that should belong in last vagas!

At times during last night’s episode I was almost having palpitations at Ryan’s laid back approach.  An old steel works  is certainly not the place for a wedding and its also not a wise decision to blow the budget on a 3 day stag trip to Prague and leaving no money for the hen party!  Dare I mention the invites, sending them out the day before the big day is just pure madness.  If I was his bride I would have had some sort of nervous breakdown.  I would have also been slightly concerned at the groom and bestman trying on wedding dresses but that’s a different matter altogether!

That being said I was totally impressed with the end result, it all came together in the end.  I especially loved using a helicopter as transport to the reception.  I’m sure our venue has a helipad…


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