As you can imagine a wedding organised by an accountant and pr advisor is being planned with almost military precision. I think one of the first things that we did when we got engaged was to start our wedding spreadsheet. But it’s not just any spreadsheet it’s the masterplan, I have never been so fond of excel! As our plans have expanded and my bridezilla tenancies have started to emerge so have the numbers on the spreadsheet! We started to look at all of the costs and soon realised that we would have to reign in some of the expenditure, there’s goes the ice sculptures of us and the fireworks 😦

Whilst trying to manage my working capital (a new term I have had to learn) a new me started to emerge, the creative and crafty Cocker. I may have not performed to my full potential with my GCSE graphic art (would have helped if I had gone to whole of the exam) but I could feel that this was somewhat different, how hard can it be to make your own stationary!

I started to research wedding stationary for inspiration and felt quite chuffed knowing how much money I would save us, maybe I could reinvest the savings into the beautiful Benjamin Adams shoes I’ve seen! Now that’s being frugal!

I have never been so overwhelmed with different styles for save the dates and invites. I didn’t even realise that so many existed.

Trawling through stationary websites became a bit of an obsession (as with the rest of my wedding planning) but I soon began to piece together what I wanted, sorry what we wanted 😉 But that’s only half the battle, then you have to choose your weapons, the materials. I don’t know if there is something wrong with me but when I visited the Tottenham court road Paperchase I felt like I was home. How can paper and card make a girl feel so happy. I guess it’s so much more than that, it’s not just any card! Let’s not even mention envelopes seen as I was reviewing different sizes and styles for 15 minutes. Maybe I really have lost it!?!

After a couple of trips to other craft centres (as any professional shopper knows you don’t just buy from the first place you’ve been too) I had all of my materials and equipment, including a fancy hole punch that makes pretty patterns. Ok, so I may not use it for the invites but you never know when you may need one.

As you’ve probably guessed I’ve taken great pleasure in planning my DIY stationary but I’ve learnt many things along the way:

– Find a style you like and copy it!

– Don’t over complicate things, stick to a design that’s simple and easy to create.

– Try to restrain yourself at Hobbycraft, do you really need a laminator and candle making kit!

– Only take one person with you when you go shopping as too many creative minds can cause chaos!

– Make plenty of prototypes until you’re happy with the design.

– Give yourself plenty of time to make them, putting yourself under pressure only takes the fun out of it.

– Finally, enjoy it!


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  1. Rachel Said:

    You crack me up! You should write a wedding planning guide – very funny 🙂 xx

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