Picking THE dress

I think every girl dreams of their wedding dress, the big white frilly meringue, the huge veil, 6ft train and puff ball sleeves (it was the 80’s). As bridezilla in the making I remember watching repeats of princess diana’s wedding thinking that I wanted my dress to be just like that one!  I had big ambitions at such a young age. Although I think a dress by David and Elizabeth Emmanual might have been a bit out of my budget!

So when it comes to shopping for THE ONE it’s hard to contain the excitement.  I was itching to start my shopping spree (it doesn’t take a lot) after watching sex in the city were Carrie tries on the most amazing dresses from osca de la renta to vivenne westwood. Quite a contrast to those I witnessed in My big fat gypsy wedding. Rather than admiration I found it amazing that people actually wear these dresses.  Although I have to say, some of the dresses were really quite amazing, but not necessarily in a good way.  Why would you want your dress to be so big that it inflicts wounds, apparently its proof of how amazing your dress is.  Personally I think it’s just a sign of being nuts!!! But the crazy dresses didn’t just stop at the brides, it included the whole bridal party. When your bridesmaid looks back in years to come is she really going to thank you for making her look like something that should sit on top of a toilet roll??  I know my sister wont.    

So after watching these inspiring programmes I booked an appointment at a local wedding dress boutique.  When I called to book myself in I was told that I could have a free makeover, I’ve never had this done before so I jumped at the chance. Little did I know.

Turning up on the day I couldn’t wait to have my hair and makeup done before I had my meeting with the wedding dress designer.  When I met with the hairdresser he seemed like a really nice guy who knew what he was doing. Things started off well but the alarm bells should have gone off when he told me he had just come back from working as a stylist at universal studios.  I wanted to go for something quite simple and elegant, maybe something similar to what you would see in pride and prejudice. But oh no he didn’t agree, I ” needed glamour” apparently as he thought I was “a glamorous person”, I wasn’t sure if he was actually talking to me, as I sat in his chair with no makeup on in yesterday’s clothes. So off he went pulling my hair this way and that but then he dashed off and reappeared with something that can only be described as looking like a dead animal which he then planted on top of my head.  Not only did it look like he had placed a dead guinea pig on my head but it was also very lopsided.  Now those who know me understand that I also have OCD as well as bridezilla tendencies so anything that isn’t straight sends me into nervous twitches.  When the big reveal came I didn’t really have the heart to express my real feelings as he seemed so pleased with his achievement.  So off I went, with my new found pet, to meet the designer.

I had to ignore the fact that my head was now weighed down with a furry creature to concentrate on dress shopping (actually quite a hard thing to do).  After looking at so many beautiful dresses I managed to try a few on, it was quite a test trying to get my head through them without knocking my new found friend off my head.  It came round to trying on the one dress that I wasn’t too sure about as it wasn’t really what I was looking for but as soon as I slipped it on, I knew it was the one.  But when we added the veil (yep it was a huge one, bring it on) it became clear that I couldn’t leave the shop without buying it. So many people told me to go with a clear mind and that if you don’t you will end up getting the opposite of what you were looking for.  It’s so true, so may I pass these wisely words on, keep a clear and open mind when picking your dress unless you want something that should have been in my big fat gypsy wedding, if that’s the case you’re simply nuts!


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