Action stations!!!

Although we have been engaged for a fair few months now, we have finally passed that one year mark.  For anyone that’s planning a wedding that’s over a year away this really is quite a monumental moment! I’ve been trying (and seriously failing) to hold back on making the plans for the big day.  But now that my countdown timer has passed that one year milestone I feel as if I have the licence to plan away!   Yep, I do indeed have a wedding countdown timer downloaded onto my desktop.  Although my team may have laughed at me I still think it’s quite ingenious!

So with the one year mark firmly behind me I decided it was finally time to wade through the piles of wedding magazines that I have already managed to collect or should I say hoard.  I cunningly kept them in separate piles hidden across the flat to convince myself that I hadn’t bought that many (out of sight out of mind), more importantly hiding them from my other half who won’t work out how much I have spent 🙂 But when I collected my secret stashes of wedding mags, putting them all together I suddenly realised that I had a small forest in my living room.  I couldnt quite believe how many I had managed to collect in such a short period of time.  Although I have to admit that  it didn’t take long for the guilt to disappear, it soon vanished onced I started to flick through the lovely glossy pages of pure wedding indulgence.  Although I really must try to plant a tree to counteract my actions! 

So I can proudly say that I successfully worked my way through my vast collection of magazines, enthusiastically tearing  out pages of inspiration so that I can start  to build my own bridal bible.  Whilst I thought this was a great idea I have actually just scared myself after watching tonight’s episode of Corrie where the “eccentric spinster” Mary (as discribed by Corriepedia ) starts talking about her “Wedding Dossier”.  mmmmmm a little too close for comfort for my liking!  But at least I didn’t start making mine at the age of 10 so I’m not that nuts.    

On a serious note though, I would definitely recommend making your own  bridal bible.  How else will you store all of those moments of inspiration like the inflatable doves, the m&m favours which have your faces on them on or even the great idea of training your pet dog to be the ring bearer. 

So now that the bridal bible is well underway the next stop is turning my spare room into the wedding HQ, I am creating mood boards and everything!


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