Surviving a wedding show

I’ve never been to a wedding show before so I was highly excited about venturing out on my first wedding related outing. Looking back now I wish someone would have warned me or at least provided me with a few survival tips so that I was prepared for the bridal onslaught that comes with one of these shows.

As you may have gathered from this blog I’m pretty excited (huge understatement) about getting married. But as we drew closer to the show venue I soon realised that I was not the only excited bride. The whole place was swarming with very excited, squealing, bridal parties. It was like being in the middle of a chicken coup, mother hen clucking away trying to navigate her brood of chicks, which were scuttling off in all directions.

As we entered the show hall I suddenly felt an urge to cling tightly to my mum, fearing that I might be swept away by the bridal stampede. We were greeted with a sea of stalls, trying to sell you anything and everything that was wedding related. From flip flops, which were engraved on the sole so that when walking on the beach they printed Just Married in the sand (a definite wedding essential), to rather strange look hair pieces which resembled dead animals.

So off we went, tactically weaving our way through the stalls. We used my nan’s tried and tested shopping approach “elbows out and barge your way through”.

Hoards of girls loitered around the dress stands and after a little persuasion (didn’t take much) from my mum I decided to try on my first wedding dress. This is supposed to be one of the best parts of planning, an exciting and enjoyable experience. I spied a dress that looked nice and decided to make my move. As I picked up the dress another bride swooped in, grabbing it with a desperate lunge. It then turned into a bit of a tug of war with her tying to tell me that she got it first. In normal, non bridezilla, circumstances I would have let it go and walked away but I was there first and it was MY dress. So after a few deadly stares and a couple of, gentle, pushes I won. The dress was mine! Walking into the tiny dressing room along with three other brides I was put into a corner and told to strip. I was then told to turn round and put my arms in the air, for a minute I thought I was going to be strip searched. But then the dress was thrust onto me and I was quickly bundled out of the changing room in front of a mirror and a waiting crowd. There were a few “ahh doesn’t she look lovely” but in the corner of my eye I spotted the other bride who was giving me deadly stares, if looks could kill! I didn’t really get chance to have a proper look at myself before I was whisked back into the changing room with the dress being yanked from my body. Just as I am stood there in my bra, non matching pants and snoopy socks(why didn’t I prepare myself) the flap of the changing room swung open and I was revealed to all who could see! Perfect!

So as you may have gathered the show wasn’t exactly what I expected. I now feel that its my duty to provide some useful survival tips. So here are my top 10:

1. Plan your day well. Work out what you want to see and what stands you want to visit.

2. Attach all members of your party to a piece of string to avoid loosing people forever.

3. Take food and drink with you, to keep up your energy levels and to save money.

4. Don’t be afraid to say no. If you feel like an idiot in a pink meringue dress, don’t do it. Just say no!

5. Make sure you work round all of the stands which are selling food produce, grab whatever freebie you can get. There are plenty of cakes to sample!

6. Enter every competition there is. You never know what you may win!

7. Wear comfortable shoes, there is a lot of ground to cover.

8. Watch the catwalk shows as they are great for inspiration.

9. Make sure you take a camera, taking photos of anything that catches your eye. And no that doesn’t mean the male models, remember you’re an engaged lady 😉

10. Finally and most importantly wear matching underwear!


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