Welcome to the Bridezilla diaries

I’m only in the first few months of my engagement and dare I say it, I think I am turning into a Bridezilla. When my fiance proposed, he did warn me of this potentially fatal condition. I almost laughed out loud when he suggested it, “what me a Bridezilla, that will never happen”. They were the famous last words. Like most advice I stupidly ignore, typical Leo, I should have listened.

I can’t believe what I have already turned into and the wedding is still over a year away! What state am I going to be in by the time I reach the big day??? But I just can’t contain the excitement and I am LOVING the world of weddings.

Working within the world of PR I thought I was one of the wise ones when it comes to advertising but oh no I am now the marketers dream. I have found myself falling into the trap of every naff wedding idea or novelty product. I don’t know whether I dare admit this, but I even found myself pondering over us releasing inflatable doves after the ceremony (please don’t hate me if this is part of your wedding). What’s happened to me!

I could stop but I’m thinking that I am only getting married once (although I do now like the idea of yearly vow renewals) so why not embrace it and go with the wedding flow. So I might be going a bit wedding mad but it’s only for a few months or so. Hopefully it won’t put my fiance off and that he will still want to marry me in a year’s time.

As I embark on this year of wedding planning I can’t keep these Bridezilla thoughts to myself. Like any addiction therapy I must share my thoughts so why not share with the world through my Bridezilla diaries!



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